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Fire risk

Today’s professional kitchens, with their powerful cooking equipment, are highly exposed to the risk of fire and are never immune to technical malfunctions or human error.

le risque incendie en cuisine professionnelle

Protect you against fire risk in professionnal kitchen

That is why appropriate and specific extinction measures must be implemented with the support of a specialized company having expertise in the protection of professional kitchens. Solutions like sprinklers or fire blankets are totally unsuitable for this type of fire and can even be dangerous to the kitchen staff

For over 30 years, SAFETY FIRST systems have been providing fire protection for fryers, grills, frying pans, burners, stoves and other cooking appliances to over 6000 clients in the restaurant and hotel industries.

Each year, our technical teams perform more than 5000 installations and maintenance interventions.

Always guarding your kitchen, SAFETY FIRST’s automatic fire extinction systems protect all cooking equipment that presents a fire hazard 24/7.