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Our rank of fire suppression systems SAFETY FIRST

To be adapted at all kitchens’ configuration, SAFETY FIRST systems consist in two ranges:

systèmes SFA

  • Permanent pressure automatic system SF/P
  • Automatic auxiliary pressure system SF/A

Automatic auxiliary pressure system SF/A is characterized by a small footprint , they conveniently find their place in all types of small or medium sized kitchens to protect against fire risk.

The Permanent pressure automatic system SF/P are particularly adapted for large kitchens, those with multiple distinct cooking zones and in many cases , those of food industries. Modular, they offer many possible configurations depending on the area to protect and technical criteria.

Système SFP

What chosen type of systems?

Calculated according to the type of ventilation (extractor fan or filter ceiling), each automatic SF/P undergoes a technical validation study before being installed:

  • The quality of the SAFETY FIRST® Extinguishing Agent is calculated and the SF/P system that corresponds to specific needs is selected.
  • The Detection Network is calibrated in regard of the (mechanical or electrical) system selected and the number of tanks required in the range.
  • The Extinction Network is calculated in regard of the quality and the number of specific buses required to protect on 3 levels (Cooking Equipment – Sensor – Conduit).
  • The place where the second manual station handle will be ideally located will be chosen.
  • The workshop for technical staff responsible for the installation is designed.
  • The certificate of acceptance and the work completion document are written.

Triggered manually or automatically, automatic systems suppress fires with three simultaneous actions:

  • Fire suppression in a few seconds
  • Cooling of inflamed surfaces by the formation of a very compact foam
  • The release of flammable vapours is prevented to avoid any risk of the fire restarting

Available optionally, the automatic control of gas and electricity supplies is recommended for better prevention.

Renowned for their suppression performances, production quality and great reliability, automatic systems are THE reference in terms of fire prevention for large kitchens.