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The best service, 100% SAFETY FIRST

The professionals at SAFEXIS offer you expertise, quality of service, proximity and responsiveness at every stage of your project.

  • A project tailored for your restaurant: consulting, technical audit, technical and financial analysis
  • An installation performed 100% by SAFEXIS’s professional teams in compliance with all regulations: full work documentation, certificates of conformity and reception
  • Training of your staff
  • A full 12-month warranty on parts and labour
  • An inspection and maintenance contract

QUALIFICATION Fire Protection Professional Kitchens

SAFETY FIRST® International AND SAFEXIS-Europe have their own engineers in North America and Europe that are responsible for advising, designing and recommending the best SAFETY FIRST® kitchen fire protection systems in line with the risks involved.

Whatever the type of system, our engineers and project managers certify the quality of all working drawings and documents that will be given to our accredited technicians to carry out the corresponding work.

TRAINING Fire Protection Professional Kitchens

All our technical staff, engineers and technicians take part in technical training courses once a year organised by SAFETY FIRST® International.

ACCREDITATION Fire Protection Professional Kitchens

After the annual compulsory training course, our technical and commercial staff receive named accreditation of which they must be able to prove the existence and validity of after any request made by a customer.

Our technical and commercial staff is authorised to provide training sessions for all our Large Kitchen customers and partners attempted to their respective level and type of equipment used.