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safetyfirstSAFETY-FIRST International

Since its inception in 1949 in Canada, SAFETY-FIRST International has been committed to designing and developing, alone or in partnership, its automatic fire prevention systems for industrial, transport and naval customers and for collective, commercial and industrial professional kitchens by rigorously selecting components and extinguishing agents for its systems, always with the aim of maintaining the aesthetic quality of its products.

This constant search for excellence has encouraged Safety-First International has used its own engineers to define and apply its standards of installation, maintenance and training of technicians in accordance with the requirements of NFPA 96.

Thanks to its globally recognised expertise, SAFETY-FIRST International has become the most asked, appreciated, listened to and preferred partner for manufacturers, prescribers, institutional buyers and insurance companies.

It is in this context that SAFETY-FIRST International has chosen SAFEXIS to exclusively operate its Professional Kitchen activities in France and in Europe.


SAFEXIS is a human-sized company specialising in tailor-made solutions exclusively for Professional Kitchens in the following areas:

  • Fire Protection with Automatic SAFETY FIRST® SF/P and SF/A systems.
  • Automatic Regulation of extraction requirements with the CONCEPT AZUR® ADS.
  • Centralized Technical Management with the Kitchen box®.

SAFEXIS is committed to providing all (design offices, architects, hotels, restaurateurs, local government, industrial customers) with the highest level of quality, safety and reliable international procedures both in terms of design and consultancy and the installation and maintenance of its systems.

SAFEXIS completes more than 5,000 projects per year in France thanks to its recognized and appreciated responsiveness and professionalism for its technical and sales teams.

SAFEXIS has a Research and Development department that works and collaborates constantly with SAFETY-FIRST International to imagine, test and design systems for tomorrow’s professional kitchens.